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Working to help vets stay connected

Here at MOS, we strive to help people stay connected to the ever-changing world in which we live, where access to a computer can make a significant difference in someone’s life. Too often many deserving men and women, whose basic needs can be provided with a few clicks of a mouse, have to go without because of lack of access to services found online.

Of the many everyday heroes, few have had to endure the hardships of disabled veterans, who deserve to stay connected to the benefits they’ve earned. That’s why we’re asking you to consider helping our efforts to keep more of them wired into the resources they will need to succeed in the 21st century.

Obstacles that still exist for these heroes include convenient access to health services. Many disabled veterans still struggle with the task of physically going to a VA facility, or face burdensome waits for simple services that can deter them from getting treatment they need. In this day and age there’s no need for more obstacles being placed in their way.

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs recently celebrated the 10th Anniversary of its award winning Personal Health Record service My HealtheVet, which can be accessed at www.myhealth.va.gov and keeps millions of veterans connected to their health records, easy prescription refills, and secure communications with VA health care providers.

In addition to keeping our national treasures connected to the resources their bodies need, we can keep them connected to the ones that can help provide them stable, prosperous futures within our society. By using online tools, those seeking to utilize the Illinois Veteran Grant to pursue an education can do so, free from physical obstacles that may have prevented them in the past. Online education now makes it possible for more veterans than ever to get the education they deserve for the jobs they want in our modern workplaces.

The need for resources for our disabled veterans is now greater than ever. Thankfully, disabled veterans are surviving in record numbers when they return. Our country has seen the number of disabled veterans swell 25% since 2001. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have created 675,000 veterans who have been granted disability, and over 70% of ALL U.S. veterans have a disability rating.

Please join us in serving those who have paid some of the highest prices by pledging to make a contribution to MOS for our expansion of our services to disabled veterans. Disabled veterans will receive a refurbished system that meets their needs.

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